Flight Lines has over 20 years experience delivering exceptional aircraft interiors for highly distinguished clientele. Some of the most unforgettable aircraft flying the world have the unique Flight Lines touch. As an industry insider I have the knowhow to achieve the highest level of quality, whether it is an elegant one-off interior designed specifically for you or a fleet of corporate aircraft.

If this is your first aircraft or one of many, I walk you through the design process to ensure we achieve the exact tailored look you envision. 

What floorplan best fits your needs? Can I have silk carpet? Which is better a berthing divan or dedicated bed? These are just a few of the discussion points we review to guide you through the benefits and drawbacks of all the options, materials and layouts.

Once we have thoroughly completed the design process, 3D interior renderings and a detailed design specification are created and provided to the OEM.

Aircraft are beautiful machines that require the skill and knowledge of industry experts. Flight Lines is here to assist with all phases of an aircraft design.
Below is just a small sampling of aircraft interior projects spanning 15 years of aviation design.