The New Bombardier Learjet 75 Liberty

Expected to be available in 2020, the new Learjet 75 Liberty will offered at a starting price of only $9.9 million. What makes the Liberty different than previous versions? The biggest changes are the floorplan and avionics suite.


The normal 8 seat (9 with belted lav) will loose the the forward most aft facing seats. Where the two seats were once located you now get a fold down ottoman and sliding pocket doors. The doors offer a large boost in cabin comfort by helping to control noise and temperature.


The Bombardier Vision flight deck is standard with the upgraded Garmin G5000 and Gogo ATG 4G wireless connectivity.


The loss of two cabin seats provides a large improvement on passenger comfort but does not make a large difference in range. NBAA IFR reserves increases 40nm to 2080nm.


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